Oregon Academy Ballot

The national Academy and Oregon Academy elections are February 1- February 15th.

It's an exciting year with 1 Pacific NW candidate on the national ballot.  Jessie Pavlinac (Nominating).

Take the time to vote in the national election here.

We have a robust slate of state candidates:

Meredith Kleinhenz, RDN, CSG, LD

Amy Frasieur, MS, RDN, LD

Taylor Kayfes, RD

Director, Communications:
Sarah McCormick, MS, RD
Sandy Pagan, RDN, LD

Nominating Committee (vote for 2)
Erin Audiss, RDN, LD
Claire Nichols, RD
Suzanne Watkins, MS, RD, LD

Link to complete candidate information.

Link to the Oregon ballot here.  (You'll need to log in).

Voting takes place February 1st - February 15th.