Connect to Legislators

CONNECT with Legislators Before Legislative Day

Oregon RDNs, NDTRs and Dietetic Interns are encouraged to use these 7 easy steps to CONNECT with the legislators who represent you in Salem.

Step 1: Identify your legislators.

Step 2: Learn about your Legislators’ priorities using their Oregon Legislative website.

Step 3: Sign up for your Legislators’ email newsletters on their website.

Step 4: Follow your Legislators’ activities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Step 5: CONNECT with your legislators through an email, a phone call or an in-person visit to a Constituent Coffee or Town Hall.

Step 6: Educate your legislators about the role of RDNs and NDTRs in optimizing the health of Oregonians through food and nutrition.

Step 7: Send your legislators Thank You notes via mail or email messages. A simple “thank you for your service,” or a thank you for sponsoring or co-sponsoring a bill, or for being a strong supporter of health care for all Oregonians can be effective.