Oregon Board Info

Learn more about our 2022-23 Board members!

Amy Frasieur,

Amy has been a Registered Dietitian for nearly 20 years, working in multiple settings including clinical, renal, outpatient, foodservice and higher education. Amy currently works at Oregon State University's Student Health Services as Director of Health Equity & Wellness as well as managing clinical nutrition services. Her framework for both roles is informed by a social justice and relational lens. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, reading, and long walks/wanders.

Sandy Jablonka,


Sandy is currently a QA Engineer for Computrition and enjoys working at the intersection of technology and dietetics. She is a member of the Academy's Interoperbility and Standards Committee working to represent dietetics across healthcare data systems. Sandy is originally from New York where she earned a BS in Computer Science from Cornell University. She became a second career dietitian by completing New York University's DPD and an internship through Sodexo. Outside of work, Sandy enjoys spending time outdoors, reading, and baking.

Rita Giles,
Past President

Rita is a clinical inpatient dietitian and Certified Nutrition Support Clinician at Salem Health. She enjoys working as part of the interdisciplinary team and sees nutrition as a vital part of the recovery of hospitalized patients. Rita is passionate about Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating and strives to bring those concepts into her practice. Outside of work Rita enjoys spending time outdoors, gardening, cooking, reading, and hanging out with her cat.

Catherine Howard,


Catherine Howard is a RD health coach supporting busy professionals as they heal their relationship with food and their body. She supports participants as they develop skills related to mindfulness-based stress management, intuitive eating, and evidence-based practices for developing new habits. Outside of work you'll find Catherine curating Spotify playlists, cooking, baking, hiking, cycling with her husband, thrift store shopping or enjoying local food and drinks in the Pacific Northwest.

Makenna Stafford, RDN

Makenna grew up in Oregon and completed her undergraduate education and Dietetic Internship at Oregon State University. She currently works as a Clinical Dietitian. Outside of work she enjoys exploring new places by hiking, traveling, and trying new things.

Whitney Ellersick,

Whitney is the Nutrition Services Senior Director at Portland Public Schools, where for 15 years she has led a team in serving millions of meals each year in Oregon’s largest school district. Whitney’s expertise includes food service management and local, farm to school procurement. Whitney is dedicated to changing the perception and eliminating the stigma of school meals, by ensuring all students have access to high quality, nutrient rich foods.

Sarah McCormick,
Director, Communications & Publications

Sarah’s professional expertise is in developing team based behavior change programs including HEALTHY, a national middle school program for diabetes prevention and Healthy TEAM Healthy U, a worksite wellness program. Currently, Sarah spends her days advocating for the RDN through her service with the Oregon Academy, chairing school fundraisers, and feeding her two children with love and good sense. In 2017, she was recognized as Outstanding Dietitian of the Year by the Oregon Academy.  

Ansley Hill, RDN, LD
Director, Policy and Advocacy

Kathleen Hahn, MS, RD, LD
Director, Member Services

Kathleen is a clinical outpatient dietitian at Providence Hospital in Portland where I work with a wide variety of conditions. She recently completed her Master’s in Food Systems and Society at OHSU. She is passionate about understanding how gender inequity impacts health and the role of dietitians, and feels strongly that dietitians can be a crucial part of addressing social justice issues. Kathleen enjoys reading, writing, hiking, watching sunsets, and making delicious food. 

Taylor Kayfes, RD
Nominating Chair

Taylor is an inpatient RD at Salem Health Hospital. She completed her undergraduate degree at Oregon State University in 2015 and her dietetic internship with Oregon Health and Science University in 2017. Taylor has a strong passion working as an inpatient dietitian and helping patients maintain or improve their nutrition status during their hospitalization. In her spare time, Taylor enjoys playing in the outdoors and spending time with her friends, family and her miniature dachshund Macy.

Crystal Leatherman,
Nominating Committee

Crystal is an administrative dietitian for the Roseburg VA heading the build of Computrition, a foodservice and nutrition care management application that is a part of the Electronic Health Record Modernization at the VA. She intends to move into clinical and build experience in geriatrics or behavioral health. Currently, she serves as a committee member on the Oregon Academy Diversity and Inclusion Committee, High Reliability Organization trainer, and club soccer coach. Since living in the Umpqua Valley, her favorite things to do are hiking and kayaking.

Kate Spurgin,
Nominating Committee


Kate is an outpatient dietitian at Providence Health & Services. After a ten-year communications career, she followed her fascination with nutrition and long-term goal of becoming a dietitian. She completed her undergraduate degree through Oregon State University and Eastern Michigan University’s distance coordinated program. Kate embraces Health at Every Size and an all-foods-fit approach. Outside of work, she enjoys baking, birding, kayaking, arts and crafts, and just about anything that makes her laugh.

Antoinette Kruger,
Nominating Committee

Antoinette is a clinical inpatient dietitian at Providence Health & Services. She strives to individualize therapeutic diets based on each patient’s medical, cultural, and physical conditions. Antoinette advocates for her patients to have nourishing, adequate nutrition during and after their hospital stay. She has a passion for working with sustainable food systems, food insecurity and nutrition support. In her free time, Antoinette enjoys hiking, camping, roller blading, kayaking, traveling, and experimenting in the kitchen!

Katie Dodd,

Business Development Director


Katie is a geriatric dietitian, writer, speaker, consultant, mentor, and leader. Katie is the founder of The Geriatric Dietitian blog and Dietitian Side Hustle podcast. She is lives in Medford, OR and is mom to Gavin and Emily.

Laura Perdue,
Public Policy Coordinator

Laura is a public health dietitian with a focus on nutrition security. Currently, she works with WIC at the state agency level as a trainer. Laura’s interest in public policy began when she was a graduate student, and she’s been involved in the Academy’s policy and advocacy initiatives ever since. Prior to moving to Oregon, Laura was the Public Policy Coordinator for Minnesota, and a member of the Academy’s Legislative and Public Policy Committee.

Jenny Jackson,
2023 Conference Chair

Jenny is a Clinical Assistant Professor and Director of the Dietetic Internship Programs at Oregon State University (OSU). Jenny completed her graduate degree programs at OSU, including a Masters of Science in Nutrition and PhD in Public Health, Health Promotion and Health Behavior. She is also a Certified Health and Well-being Coach. Jenny’s research interests include food security and the promotion of healthy eating and physical activity behaviors across the lifespan. Her current projects address food insecurity among U.S. college students.

Neilann Horner,
State Policy Specialist


Tobi Page,
Newsletter Editor

Tobi Page is a Registered Dietitian with a Masters degree in Education. She is the owner and founder of Eating is a Lifestyle, a nutrition counseling practice in Portland, Oregon where she brings an intuitive eating approach to the management of chronic disease. Tobi also volunteers as a Board member with the start-up, Hillsboro Food Co-op. Her insatiable interest in food, nutrition, and eating fuels an enthusiasm for exploring food and discovering greater health through diet.

Anne Goetze,

Awards & Scholarship Chair

Anne is the Executive Director, for the Oregon Dairy and Nutrition Council.  Since becoming a dietitian, Anne has cultivated her love of food and nourishing people to develop expertise in nutrition programming and partnerships.  She has served in many leadership positions and as a preceptor for both internship programs in our state.  In 2015, she was recognized as a Fellow of the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.


Janet Mann, MS, RDN, LD
Nutrition Services Payment Specialist

Janet is retired and most recently had a Private Nutritional Counseling business in Oregon City from 2002-2020. She was a one-person office as provider, biller, and manager. Simultaneously, she worked with Providence as an on-call RD and Outpatient RD for 8 years, and previously as Multnomah Co WIC on-call Nutritionist, and nutrition and dietary operation consultant for 18 years in nursing homes and small healthcare facilities.


Morgan Kuiper, RD
State Policy Representative