Our Policy Team in Action

In September 2014, ANDPAC supported us in attending a breakfast for Suzanne Bonamici. We had the opportunity to speak with her and requested her support for the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act and she later cosponsored the bill.

In photo: Suzanne Bonamici, Leah Brandis RD, CSD, LD, Christopher Errante MS, RD, Nancy Becker MS, RD, LD

On Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014, Earl Blumenauer held a breakfast to discuss Health Care 2.0 with the people most qualified to do so: health care professionals. 

Among the MDs, PhDs and hospital executives were 10 registered dietitians who volunteered for the event.  Most of the RDs who signed up had a history of involvement in local, state and national Academies. Organized by the Oregon Academy public policy team, the group’s main goal was to get the Congressman’s attention and show him that RDs are a vital force in the success of a health care system which increasingly emphasizes prevention and overall wellness. 
In 20 minutes Earl spoke about, among other things, the importance of evidenced based medicine, promoting an interdisciplinary medical team, and improving government funding of medical research.    He did not specifically mention the word dietitian in his speech. During the question and answer period, however, Leah Brandis (Oregon Academy Director of Legislative Issues), made sure he knew they were there!  In less than a minute, Leah managed to introduce her table of dietitians, thank the Congressman for co-sponsoring the Treat and Reduce obesity Act, and cause the entire room to look their way! She also mentioned that every $1 spent on nutrition care saves about $14 in overall medical expenses. Afterwards the group took several pictures with Congressmen Blumenauer.

The policy team hopes to continue getting his attention and also take him up on his offer to visit the work places of his RD constituents.

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