WA/OR Webinar: Using Nutrigenetics & Nutrigenomics in Practice

Tuesday, January 16, 2018  3:00 p.m. Pacific

The movements of Functional Medicine and Precision and Personalized Medicine are here! Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics play a huge role in evaluating our clients health and designing their nutrition to meet their goals. However, the information can be overwhelming and contradictory. Ashley Besecker has advanced training in genetics and genomics from Stanford University and currently practices in the field of nutrigenomics. In this 1 hour webinar, she will share:

• Various options for genetic testing panels including pricing and lab information
• How to interpret preventative genetic SNP’s in conjunction with patient symptoms and biochemistry to create a personalized nutrition plan
• How to support a client's biochemistry using whole food and specific nutritional supplements if needed, including dosing.

Speaker: Ashley Besecker, RDN, CD

We anticipate that this webinar will be approved for 1 hour CPEU.

Register via the GoToWebinar link below. Contact Information:
Oregon Academy Office
206 935 5104
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