Pediatric Nutrition Resources

OPNPG Resources:

Specialized Infant Feeding Guidelines: Formula Selection

Nutrition Practice Care Guidelines for Premature Infants in the Community 2016
Additional resources available on our website here.

NEW:  Enteral Feeding Supplies:  connectors, tubing, syringes and pump-sets will be equiped with new connectors to prevent accidental connection to IV lines and other medical tubing.

University of Washington “Assuring pediatric nutrition care in the community”

The national Pediatric Nutritionists Practice Group (PNPG) website is located at

Oregon Dairy Council – information on calcium, Dairy Council materials, and extensive links to other nutrition web sites.

Pediatrics (AAP) (free abstracts; full text w/subscription)

Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine (abstracts,free):

Food and Nutrition Information Center:

USDA Nutrition site:

Bright Futures in Nutrition Practice:


Harvest for Healthy Kids:

New:  How to Fight Lead Exposure with Nutrition

Nutrition for Kids from Connie Evers, MS, RD:

Food for Tots:

La Leche League International for breastfeeding information and support:

Dole SuperKids:

List Servs: