Oregon Pediatric Nutrition Practice Group Bylaws 
Revised and accepted 10/2013 (Click here to download word version)

Article I

1.1  Oregon Pediatric Nutrition Practice Group (OPNPG) of the Oregon Academy of Nutrition
and Dietetics (Oregon Academy) was officially recognized by the Oregon Academy (formerly
known as the Oregon Dietetic Association) in 1995. 

1.2  Official positions, publications and fundraising of the OPNPG must comply with both
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and Oregon Academy bylaws and standing rules.  The Practice Group (PG) will abide by the Oregon
Academy bylaws.  Through the Oregon Academy’s insurance with the Academy, OPNPG has liability coverage. 

Article II
Scope of Practice/Mission

2.1 The OPNPG includes practitioners in the field(s) of maternal and/or pediatric nutrition
or those individuals with a special interest in these areas.  

2.2 The PG is the primary advocate for the nutritional health of the unborn, infant, child or

2.3 Topics for meetings or publications are selected on the basis of expertise of the
membership on maternal and pediatric nutrition. 

2.4 Members of the OPNPG will uphold the mission of the Oregon Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics which
is:  Empower members to be leaders in food and nutrition. 

Article III

3.1 Active membership is open to all Oregon Academy and/or Academy members.  

3.2 The PG membership roster, publications and sponsored events are benefits of membership.  The Executive Board will stipulate under
which circumstances the membership roster will be disclosed.  (i.e. mailing for seminars). 

3.3 The membership year will correspond to the Oregon Academy fiscal year:        
June 1st-May 31st

3.4 Each active member of the OPNPG is entitled to one (1) vote on each matter submitted to a
vote of the members, either by email, mail or voice vote at duly held meetings. 

3.5  Active members shall have the right to vote either in person, by proxy or by email.  Individuals holding a proxy for
any member shall identify themselves to the secretary prior to roll call. 

3.6  “Friends of the OPNPG”. 
If an individual is interested in attending OPNPG meetings, but is not an Academy/Oregon
Academy member, they may participate as a “Friend of the OPNPG”.       
Friends of the OPNPG will be asked to contribute a meeting fee and/or annual fee as
determined by the Executive Board.       
Friends of the OPNPG are not eligible to vote or hold an elected position within the OPNPG. 

Article IV
Annual Meeting

4.1 There will be one (1) annual business meeting held each year before June 30 to conduct official business of the PG. Official business includes presenting a slate of officers and approving a plan of work and budget for the upcoming year. 

4.2 A quorum of fifteen (15) percent of voting members will be required in order to transact business. 

4.3 It is suggested, not mandated, that the PG meet quarterly. 

Article V

5.1 Annual dues for active members will be a minimum of $10.00 and a maximum of
$30.00 as determined by the Executive Board. 

5.2 The Executive Board will solicit membership opinion if and when an increase in
dues is anticipated. 

5.3 Dues will be established and communicated to Oregon Academy Board prior to the Oregon
Academy annual finance committee meeting (held in conjunction with the Oregon
Academy annual meeting in the spring). 

5.4 Payment of dues will correspond to the Oregon Academy fiscal year, June 1st-.  Membership dues will be accepted the first
month of the fiscal year.  Dues will not be prorated for the year, with the exception of new membership dues paid in
conjunction to an OPNPG sponsored conference. 

Article VI
Executive Board

6.1 The executive board will include the following elected officers:  Chair, Chair- elect, Treasurer, Nominating
Committee Chair/Immediate Past Chair, and Secretary. 

6.2 The Executive Board officers must be paid members in good standing of the OPNPG. 

6.3 The Executive Board develops a plan of work based on the interests of PG members. 

6.4 An Executive Board meeting may be held at any time during the year when the Chair and Chair-elect determine most board members likely to be in attendance (i.e. the Oregon Academy annual meeting or PG sponsored event).  Two-thirds (2/3) of the board will represent a quorum for the Executive Board. 

6.5 An Executive Board member may be removed from office by the Board whenever, in their judgment, it is in the best interest of the PG.  The OPNPG Executive Board establishes the process for removal.  Board members will be given the option of voluntary resignation in place of Board removal. 

The Executive Board will review job descriptions on an annual basis and update as necessary.

6.7 Members of the Executive Board are eligible for reimbursement of professional expenses.  The professional expenses include, but are not limited to, conferences, Academy dues, National PNPG dues, etc.  The Executive Board will determine the process for reimbursement.  Combined expenses are not to exceed $300.00 per year and are at the discretion of the Executive Board based on current financial status of OPNPG. 

Article VII
Elected and Appointed Officers

7.1 Chair

7.1.1 The Chair must be a member in good standing of the Oregon Academy and the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Pediatric Nutrition Practice Group (AAND-PNPG). 

7.1.2 The Chair will serve for one (1) year and will:

  • Serve on the Executive Board for a total of three years (Chair-elect, Chair and
    Immediate Past Chair/Chair of Nominating Committee).
  • Set the agenda and forward it to the Secretary for distribution to the membership.
  • Preside at all meetings of the members and the Executive Board.
  • Approve expense vouchers.
  • Coordinate national and state program planning.
  • Facilitate elections.
  • Facilitate membership input to develop projects and programs.
  • Serve as the liaison to the Oregon Academy, responsible for attending conference
    calls and meetings when possible.
  • Serve as liaison to other pertinent pediatric nutrition organizations, as determined
    by the Executive Board.
  • Prepare and present the plan of work at the Oregon Academy and the OPNPG annual
  • Communicate pertinent Oregon Academy business to the OPNPG membership.
  • Provide practice group annual and interim reports to the Oregon Academy Board.
  • Be an alternate signature on the OPNPG bank account.
  • Forward the end of the year financial report from the Treasurer to the Oregon Academy Board.
  • Maintain a current copy of the Oregon Academy bylaws. 

7.2 Chair-Elect

7.2.1 The Chair-Elect will serve for one (1) year and shall automatically succeed as Chair.  If in the event of a vacancy of the Chair
position, the Chair-Elect shall serve the remainder of that term plus the one for which he/she was originally elected. 
Chair-Elect will:

  • Be in good standing with the Oregon Academy.
  • Perform the functions of the office of the Chair in the absence or inability to act.
  • Maintain the current new member welcome packet and share updates with Secretary and Treasurer
    for duplication and distribution.
  • Review the OPNPG bylaws annually with input from the executive board and revise as
  • Serve as the website liaison, posting meeting updates, new content, current membership
    roster and other changes as needed.
  • Serve as the Planning Committee Chair if the OPNPG coordinates an annual conference
    as part of the annual Oregon Academy meeting and/or OPNPG sponsored event. 

7.3 Secretary

7.3.1 The Secretary will serve for two (2) years, elected in the even year and will:

  • Be in good standing with the Oregon Academy.
  • Keep minutes for membership and Executive Board meetings. 
  • Send minutes to the membership within 30 days following the meeting. 
  • Be responsible for giving notice of forthcoming meetings with input from the
  • Email ballots and candidate information sheets to the membership for voting by May 31st.
  • Serve as teller for the election and report vote tally to Executive Board. 

7.4 Treasurer

7.4.1 The Treasurer will serve for two (2) years, elected in the odd year and will:

  • Be in good standing with the Oregon Academy.
  • Have custody of all funds for the OPNPG.
  • Keep full and accurate financial records for the OPNPG.
  • Report the financial status of the PG at membership meetings.
  • Distribute membership renewal forms at least 30 days prior to the new fiscal year.
  • Receive, process membership dues and send paid members a receipt (either written or by
  • Obtain approval from the chair for expense vouchers and issue checks in a timely
  • Maintain membership roster and provide updated contact information to members.
  • Prepare preliminary budget for the financial planning meeting and finalize budget.
  • Prepare financial reports and submit the report to the Chair and membership for
    presentation at the spring meeting of the current fiscal year.
  • Complywith all relevant financial policies. 

7.5 Immediate Past Chair/Nominating Committee Chair

7.5.1 The immediate Past Chair will automatically serve their 3rd year as
Nominating Committee Chair and will:

  • Be in good standing with the Oregon Academy.
  • Chair the nominating committee.
  • Be responsible for submitting a slate of officers to the membership at the spring
  • Notify each candidate for office the results of the election prior to the June
  • Provide the Secretary with the election results.
  • Assist the Chair to fill vacancies in any office. 

7.6  Nominating Committee Members (2)

7.6.1 The nominating committee members will serve one (1) year and will:

  • Be in good standing with the Oregon Academy.
  • Responsible for presenting a slate of candidates to the membership at the spring meeting.
  • Designate annually two (2) or more candidates for the office of Chair-elect, Secretary (elected in even year), Treasurer (elected in odd year) and at least three (3) candidates for nominating committee.  May allow for write-in candidates if less than the prescribed number of candidates
    is found.
  • Starting at the first of the calendar year, solicit nominations.
  • Verify that all nominees are active OPNPG members and are in good standing with the
    Oregon Academy.
  • Submit a slate of officers to the membership at the April meeting.
  • Email ballots to the membership for voting by May 31st.
  • Install new officers at the June meeting. 

Article VIII

8.0  Elections will be conducted yearly by written and/or electronic ballot.

8.1  Method

8.1.1 The ballot and candidate information sheets will be prepared.

8.1.2 Notification will be sent to all OPNPG members regarding the election and balloting
procedures by the Secretary.

8.1.3 Results will be reported to the Secretary for official recording.

8.2  Candidate Qualifications.

8.2.1 No person will hold more than one (1) elective office simultaneously

8.2.2 Only Active OPNPG and Oregon Academy-eligible members may hold elected office.

8.3 Re-election.

8.3.1  The Chair, the Chair-elect, Secretary and Treasurer shall be ineligible to serve more than one (1) term in succession in the same office with the exception that the Chair may be nominated to serve a second term in the event of a vacancy in the office of the elect position.

8.4 Vacancies:  in the event an office becomes vacant, the unexpired term will be filled as follows:

8.4.1  Immediate past chair:  the Chair, with approval of the Board, will appoint a qualified person to fill the unexpired term or the
position may be left vacant.

8.4.2 Chair:  the Chair-Elect will succeed to the office of Chair and will complete the unexpired term and then serve the elected term of

8.4.3 Chair-Elect:  the Board may choose to hold a special election and/or appoint a qualified person to fill the unexpired term.

8.4.4  Secretary, Treasurer, Nominating Committee members: the Chair, with the approval of the Board will appoint qualified persons
to fill the unexpired term. 

Article IX
Amendments to Bylaws

9.1 These bylaws will be effective when approved by the Executive Board, the OPNPG membership and the Oregon Academy. 

9.2 These bylaws may be amended by the majority vote of the Executive Board after they have been posted for member comment. 

Article X

10.1 A minimum of ten (10) members is required to maintain the OPNPG. 

10.2 Upon dissolution, all debts will be paid, and any remaining funds, all financial records and bylaws will be submitted to the Oregon Academy.