HOD Historical Meeting Info


Fall 2011 HOD Meeting Info

For Fall 2011, there were 3 mega-issues.
Link here for the outcomes from the Fall meeting
Link here for information on the Future Connections Summit on Dietetic Practice, Credentialing and Education

Link here for information on Interdisciplinary Teams
Link here for information on the licensure mega issue

Did you attend the HOD info webinar on 8/31?
Link here for the slide handout
Link here for the recorded webinar (40 MB WMV file)
Link here for the complete Council on Future Practice Summit report
Link here for the CPEU certificate (if you attended the "live" webinar)

Spring 2011 Meeting Info

The ADA House of Delegates met virtually on April 30 - May 1, 2011.

Two issues were discussed: 

Identification of issues for discussion within the HOD.

Link here for the background information related to this.
     Link here for a list of issues discussed for the past several years.

Market Place Relevance - Regulatory and Competitive Environment of Dietetic Services 
Link here for the environmental scan (2011-13)
     Link here for an executive summary related to this issue

Meeting outcomes:
Link here to an overview of meeting outcomes
Link here for a memo regarding the associate membership
Link here for an overview regarding associate membership

HOD Proposal for Associate Category

Motion 1: 55 support/43 opposed – motion carried.
Next Steps: House of Delegates approved the establishment of the Associate Category as outlined in the revised HOD Proposal presented on February 22, 2011.  The Member Value Committee (MVC) will be notified of the outcomes of the vote. The MVC will report an implementation plan to the House of Delegates by fall 2011.

This initiative, which has been a long time coming presents a tremendous opportunity for us to grow our membership base and will serve to enhance our attractiveness to external partners.  There is also revenue potential from individual memberships as well as product sales and continuing education opportunities, particularly in the future.  For example, healthcare organizations may see the investment in ADA memberships for their professional members as value added.  Reciprocal arrangements will be explored with natural partners like the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Mega Issues Identified Next Steps
Mega issues prioritization list is now available.  This list will be used to by the House Leadership Team in the selection of mega issues for discussion by the House of Delegates for future HOD Meetings.  The complete un-prioritized mega issues list is available as well.

  1. Education/Training of Future Practitioners; Alternate Pathways to Practice; Lack of Internships.
  2. Strengthen Image; Branding of Profession.
  3. Inclusion of RD in Health Reform.
  4. Documenting Outcomes (cost-savings); Outcome Measures; Evidence-Based Practice.
  5. Reimbursement Issues; Legislation/Regulation Related to Practice Opportunities.
  6. Corporate Sponsorship.
  7. Food Systems
  8. Licensure; Scope of Practice Issues; Public Policy Education/Training for Students and Members.
  9. Inclusion of the DTR.
  10. Collaboration (internal and external).
  11. 11. Informatics/Social Media/Technology.
  12. Diversity.
  13. Expanding Borders/Non-Traditional Roles; Food Industry; Hybrid Positions (community/clinical).
  14. Membership Recruitment and Retention.
  15. Foster Leadership to be Competitive.
  16. Nutritional Genomics.


Market Place Relevance
During the Market Place Relevance Dialogue Session delegate recommendations were created on how Registered Dietitians and Dietetic Technicians, Registered could create more opportunities and be more nimble and proactive.  Individual options and alternatives for personally evolving for the future were identified.