Healthcare Transformation

Healthcare Transformation: Get on board to promote our profession!
By Nancy Dunton, Ph.D.,R.D.

Healthcare in Oregon is changing. In the 2014 Oregon Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs) Final Performance Report, it was noted that “Private hospitals and CCOs are working on a local level to transform the health care delivery system to bring better health, better care and lower costs to Oregonians”. It is an exciting time for our profession to be involved in providing expertise to help prevent and treat costly conditions that strain our entire healthcare system.

As membership chair, I am committed to growing and engaging the membership in the healthcare transformation process. As a member of the Oregon Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, our voice is critical at all levels. Each one of us can make a difference in how our profession is viewed by others at our workplace, at the state level and at the national level. We have so much to offer and the best way to be heard is to join the Oregon Academy and get your peers and co-workers to join as well. The benefits are invaluable and probably more than you realize if you haven’t checked lately. Examples can be found at and include the Informatics Infrastructure on-line tool to guide practitioners through the Nutrition Care Process, the practice-based research network, evidence analysis library, position and practice papers, educational opportunities such as at least 48 CPEs free, public policy workshop, professional publications, insurance discounts and much much more!

You will hear more throughout the year about opportunities for our membership to engage in opportunities to advance our profession. Stay tuned!