Fall 2015 Meeting Info

The House of Delegates met on October 2-3, 2015 in Nashville, TN.

The dialogue session on October 2 was on Malnutrition.

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The Academy also considered bylaws changes.
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he House of Delegates (HOD) conducted a mega issue dialogue on malnutrition and a follow up dialogue on the Academy’s sponsorship program on October 2-3, 2015. Nearly 130 delegates, Board of Directors members, content experts, and student scribes convened in Nashville, TN to discuss these topics.

As a result of the dialogue, two motions were passed by the House of Delegates.  The following activities have been requested:

HOD Motion #1: The House of Delegates requests:
• RDNs identify and manage malnutrition in accordance with their scope and standards of practice including use of nutrition focused physical exams as one tool for nutrition assessments;
• Academy’s Research, International and Scientific Affairs Team and Lifelong Learning and Professional Engagement Team identify gaps and facilitate development of resources needed to educate members on the management of malnutrition, including nutrition-focused physical exams;
• Academy’s Lifelong Learning and Professional Engagement Team and Research, International and Scientific Affairs Team  market and disseminate currently available resources to educate members on management of malnutrition;
• Dietetic practice groups and affiliates are encouraged to identify and promote opportunities to assist RDNs and NDTRs in developing skills and knowledge related to malnutrition management;
• NDEP and ACEND encourage  educators to identify and/or develop malnutrition management educational opportunities for students;
• Center for Professional Development assesses the viability of a certificate program for hands-on nutrition focused physical exam training;
• Academy’s Nutrition Services Coverage Team collaborates with A.S.P.E.N. to continue discussions with the National Center for Health Statistics ICD Coordinating Committee for incorporation of the malnutrition nomenclature into ICD.
• Academy’s Research, International and Scientific Affairs Team, Lifelong Learning and Professional Engagement Team, NDEP, ACEND and the Academy’s Nutrition Services Coverage Team present information on progress made on malnutrition related activities as part of the bi-annual report to the HOD. This information should be reported for at least the next 2 years by the organizational units.

HOD Motion #2:
The House of Delegates requests the Sponsorship Advisory Task Force (SATF) to utilize the HOD’s feedback from the Fall 2015 HOD Workbooks, as well as documents provided to delegates (i.e., impact reports, Sponsor Summit Report), to finalize their report to the Board of Directors (BOD). The HOD requests that the BOD considers the HOD’s feedback as they prepare to take action on the SATF’s final report. The final SATF report will be distributed to the HOD after action is taken by the BOD.

In addition, the House of Delegates approved three (3) motions for Academy Bylaws amendments on the: 1. Nominating Committee Composition
2. CDR Mission Statement
3. CDR Board Composition

Many updates were provided to HOD meeting attendees including presentations from: Evelyn Crayton (Academy President), Kay Wolf (Academy Treasurer), Jean Ragalie-Carr (Academy Foundation Chair), Denise Andersen (Academy Political Action Committee), and Deanne Brandstetter (Nominating Committee).

All materials pertaining to the Fall 2015 HOD Meeting can be found on the Academy Website at www.eatrightpro.org/resources/leadership/house-of-delegates/about-hod-meetings >Fall 2015 Meeting Materials.