Coordinated Care Organizations

What are CCOs?
 A Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) is a local network of health care providers who have agreed to work together in their communities to coordinate health care coverage for individuals who qualify for the Oregon Health Plan and other state Medicaid programs.  CCOs are Oregon’s version of federal ACOs within the Affordable Care Act. There are 16 CCOs in the state of Oregon. CCOs current serve 25% or the Oregon population and will be expanding to cover other state employees. You'll find more info here:

How do CCOs work?
Each CCO receives a predetermined amount of money from the state to serve their caseload.  The CCO pays providers (such as physicians and other care providers, hospitals, clinics) based on how healthy they keep their enrollees.   Financial and non-financial rewards and renewal of contracts will be available when CCOs meet established accountability metrics.  

How can Registered Dietitians help CCOs fulfill their mission?
Registered Dietitians can provide evidence-based nutrition interventions for chronic disease prevention and management and monitor outcomes to demonstrate cost-effectiveness. 

You'll find a listing of which CCO is contracted for your geographic area here.

Future plans may expand Oregon’s CCO concept to include school employees teachers, other state employees, and children who receive state assistance with health insurance premiums.  This would serve to expand the risk pool beyond the high risk OHP population.

ACTION steps:
1. Contact John Gobble,DrPh, RD, LD, Oregon Academy Reimbursement and Utilization Chair, with questions. 
2. Sign up for the Oregon Academy of Nutrition electronic mailing list (EML/listserv) by sending an email to 

3. Sign up for the Oregon Academy's separate policy EML by submitting your email here.

3. Sign up for email updates from the Oregon Center for Public Policy

4. Educate yourself and fellow RDs about CCOs.